Born to a classical pianist mom and a folk rock dad, music is in Julia's genes. She began training as a classical violinist from a young age but it was her first non-classical experience with a fiddle group in high school that truly opened the door for Julia to begin to explore her own identity as a musician.

Julia developed her own musical language by seeking out and sitting in with accomplished performers and groups and explored genres including punk, country, Afro-Cuban, hip hop, heavy metal, Celtic, Christian worship, and street performers.

Over the years, Julia has collaborated with both regional and national musicians, including:

    Julia has invested her calling as a musician and her love of music deeply into the Madison music scene. She worked during the formative years of Madison's Girls Rock Camp, is a seven-year member of Compass Rose and founded the Madison-based power trio SHESHE. Julia is a three-time award winner for Madison's best Strings Instrumentalist. She is actively performing as a solo artist and you can find her upcoming performance information here.